Could the MV 21 be dead after upgrade to MV4.12 ??

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Could the MV 21 be dead after upgrade to MV4.12 ??

Hey All


You know some things been that good that you just don't check it until you need it ?


Went to check the Camera last night as the Dog jumped in a storm to find it hasn't been working for 3 weeks. 

I know right.. 


Dismounted of the wall checked cables, relocated switch ports all the usual suspects but it's dead. No lights etc can't see infra red etc ...  


It probably a coincidence but there was a firmware upgrade to MV4.12 around the same time.. It's just got me beat as it's been so good for so long.. 


Just seeing if the community has seen any other examples.. As it the camera I got from the Master course I can't RMA it so any tips ?  

Kind of a big deal

If it's still within your 3-year warranty you should still be able to RMA it, it shouldn't matter that it came from the Masters course so long as you have a current license for it.

Thanks Bruce : 

Just went to RMA help and it said none of your products are under support . 

I'll check with my local account mgr see what they say..



Kind of a big deal

I'd just log a support ticket and see where it goes....

To get a warranty replacement you have to go through support first. RMAs are more for trial device returns or recently ordered goods that you want to return, not warranty/support replacements.

If you have a valid license, you can RMA it - regardless if you bought it yourself, or it was gifted to you through a course.
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Unlikely due to the FW update, but could be related to a reboot. Do you have a PoE injector so you can test power to it? You said no status light at all?

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