Meraki Go now available from your web browser (BETA)

Meraki Go Team

You’ve spoken, we’ve listened. Meraki Go is now available from your web browser (limited beta)! We’ve extended the simple and intuitive mobile app experience to the web, so you can manage your Meraki Go network from a larger screen. 


To try out Meraki Go on the web, sign up for the beta


What’s New: 


  • All-in-one web interface: get all the same features and functionality as the mobile app, in the same intuitive interface, now accessible from a web browser on your computer. 
  • Security license claiming: easily onboard Meraki Go devices, as well as directly claim the optional Cisco Umbrella Security license (claiming available on web only). 
  • Total control from anywhere: seamlessly go between managing your network from your computer to the mobile app, all based on your preference.



Feature highlights: 

Access all the same easy-to-use powerful features from both the web and mobile app. 


  • Boost productivity: Make adjustments on the fly to improve bandwidth, such as putting Usage Limits or creating a separate Guest Network.
  • Create great customer experiences: view Guest Insights, such as the average number of visitors who pass by your location and popular visit times to improve your operations and marketing campaigns.
  • Set your own WiFi rules: use Scheduled Network Availability to control when your guest WiFi is available, by setting your preferred times and days of the week. 
  • Get business-grade security: configure VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks) to protect sensitive company data by separating your network traffic into individual lanes (virtual subnets). E.g. create a separate network for your teams, for guests, and for POS (point-of-sale) devices to increase PCI compliance. 


Sign up for the limited beta to use Meraki Go from your web browser. 


P.S. we'd love to know your thoughts! Any new features you’d like to see? Comment below or make a feature request

Meraki Go Team
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Thanks for the @ mention @JamesMW

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Sweet, I'll sign up and give it a try.  Thanks @JamesMW 


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Thanks James!


I signed up for the beta this morning!



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Working well. Big bonus for us MSP's.

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I haven't got anything back since signing up for the beta. Did you get an email with the URL and credentials?



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Signed up as well! 

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This is amazing! Our MSP team will LOVE this! Signed up!

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@DHAnderson I had been signed up for beta for quite a while. John w/ Meraki reached out to me via email and I tested it the same day. So far so good. I don't use it much, but do not care for Mobile Apps. Happy that Meraki Go is trying. Looking forward to some new features and new hardware from them 😉


Registered for the beta (under different email) and keen to be reached-out to!

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My experience was that you ought to get in touch with your Cisco Meraki coutnerpart to ensure the registration takes place. I´m assuming that the registrations from beta signup web page end up on a SFDC site which is not monitored by a specific individual. Good luck! Got mine running and about to test later on. Keen on comments from you folks on this community 🙂
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Hi, I'm keen on joining the Meraki Go web access beta as well. My devices are registered under the email address. TIA, Kamal