Urgent Response Needed - Wireless Connectivity

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Urgent Response Needed - Wireless Connectivity

When I  select the option of Enterprise with Meraki, its not redirecting to my splash page, it's asking there on cell for the id and pwd, I want that user auto authenticate whenever they click on on redirect link and user redirect to my splash page, there I'll do some authentication for our record after that I will show the button on my page to redirect to google.com, Please let me know if there is any solution, i want to share with you other info. i dont want to build the radius server.

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It sounds like you are trying to build your own guest portal.  If so, this is the developer guide:


Yes, I want to create my own portal using Meraki, @PhilipDAth if you can please let me know from where can i get the base_grant_url and Continue URL, Basically I want to integrate the Python Script with Meraki Authentication.


User will redirect to splash page, on splash page user insert some information which I was using for my own authentication and records.


after this authentication customer have to authenticate same to Meraki Cloud like when we use the meraki default splash, 'Continue to the Internet' then user authenticate auto and get access of Meraki Wifi


@PhilipDAth if you can please help me out regarding this matters, as I'm suffering for almost last 30 days for this solution. Everything is working perfectly but issue am getting on the authentication on meraki cloud.



They are passed to you in the get request to your web page.




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