SM & 802.11r

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SM & 802.11r



I got 2 SSID across 3x MR52 and 1x MR84 :

- one with WPA2 pre-sahred key

- the other with WPA2 Enterprise using Meraki Authentication with Certificate push by SM with 802.11r adaptive and 802.11w enabled.


Normally the second one should provide seamless transition when moving across AP's during Wifi Call, Face Time Audio and Video, etc... and in fact no !

Why the first SSID provides the best transition when moving and the second SSID I have cut during calls (Wifi Call, Face Time Audio, etc...).

Can someone explain me why the second SSID is not better than the first one when moving across AP's ?

Thanks in advance.



Kind of a big deal

It sounds like the client devices are doing full EAP auth every time they roam. Can you provide event logs showing a client moving from one AP to another to confirm.

Also, what are the client devices being used? Not everything supports 802.11r
Nolan Herring |
Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Have you go the SSID configured for bridge mode?

Yes Bridge mode configured for both.

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