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Eventough known SSID and password


Eventough known SSID and password

Dear Support team and all,


We are planning to install remote site internet connection but some of other 3rd users in same location.

My question anyone knows SSID and passcode do not access to network and internet.

How do we provide a wireless security on MAC address, is it possible.

I mean, i am able to choose which MAC address only connect to internet on Cisco Meraki or ASA device ?


Thanks in advance




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Re: Eventough known SSID and password

You could create a layer 3 firewall to block all traffic, and then whitelist clients that are allowed access.

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Re: Eventough known SSID and password

If you have a Radius server you could go for this setup


Or if you do not have a Radius server or want an easier manual setup you could create a splash page and manually add know clients to the whitelist.


edit: there isn't really one right way of doing this so just pick the one you are the most comfortable with.

If you have system manager licenses for your clients you could even secure the SSID via Sentry Enrollment.

If i'm not mistaken Windows devices are supported now.



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