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MX Warm Spare

Hi Community, I have 2 MX 250 configured with Warm Spare but only have 2 connections physical to different ISPs, Its possible that ISP 1 connect physical to MX-1 on WAN1 and ISP2 connect physical to MX-2 on WAN2 to load balance (two MX send traffic to the wans) ??




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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal



but if you want you can add some kind of nat router between wan provider 2 so you connect both mx's with private range adresses

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Can you get the providers to give you a /29 instead of a /30?


If so, get your self a switch for each providers circuit.  Then plug WAN1 in from each MX to the first ISP and repeat for the second WAN port and ISP.

Thanks for answering, but I dont have /29.


You know if it is possible to place the MX with Active/Active  (primary / secondary) to make the Auto-tunnels end in the primary MX in the topology Hub-Spoke?? to load balance the Spoke traffic:


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I think as soon as you configure  them as a HA mode, one will be a Primary, and the other a Spare which means one is a master, and the other is "ready".






I'm not sure if it will  ever work, but you want to create two networks,  for each MX250 and advertise two different subnets sourcing from each network.



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