MX LLDP not reporting

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MX LLDP not reporting

Has anyone noticed some of their MX line not reporting LLDP info correctly? In our corporate office, we have an MX84. Our core switch is an HP 2530. The MR series correctly populate the LLDP table, but the MX doesn't show up. I've noticed this on the MX100s as well, and with various HPE/Aruba switches. It's possible it is an HPE thing, but considering it displays pretty much every other device correctly in LLDP, I'm leaning towards the MX not always advertising it correctly. Anybody else noticed this?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If you plug a notebook into the MX and do a wireshark capture; do you see any LLDP data?

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I have an MX100 here and see the same thing between it and our core switch. I actually asked support about this the last time I had them on the phone (maybe about 2 months ago). They claimed there was a fix in the works at the time. It really breaks up that pretty topology page...lldp.JPG


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