Appliance LTE Support Configuration Questions

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Appliance LTE Support Configuration Questions

Inquiry on Meraki appliances related to LTE configuration support.  Please see the following questions.  If yes to any of the questions, can you please tell me what appliance models would support the function?

  1. Load sharing between single wired and LTE links?
  2. LTE acting as the primary link and wired as backup?
  3. Dual wired link appliance support, in active-active, load sharing mode with LTE as backup?
  4. For dual link appliances that do NOT support LTE, can a Cradlepoint device be connected to one of the links for LTE connectivity?  If yes, can they do active-active, load sharing?

Thank you.  Much appreciated.

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The MX uses wan links in following way:


WAN1 -> WAN2 -> USB  -> SIM slot LTE


SIM slot is integrated in MXs with C for cellular.


Load balancing is for WAN1 and WAN2 so as long as you use MG21 coupled to your MXs WAN1/2 ports you´ll manage to do it or as you mentioned use a 3rd party supply.


LTE is considered as a backup solution on Meraki so you can run MXs on a LTE link and its shows up orange in dashboard. I would like to see it enabled on all of the fancy sdwan thingies we´ve got.


What is your use case for LTE as primary wired as backup?


Roska, thank you.  LTE primary use case is where customer doesn't have Internet connection at some sites (like in rural areas). 


Back to the load balancing inquiry, to be sure, if I run MX WAN1 on wired IPL1 and connect MX WAN2 to 3rd party LTE device, I should be able to load share.  And if WAN1/IPL1 fails, traffic will route through WAN2, 3rd Party LTE device, correct? 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@johnnyngena yes, if you use the ethernet WAN ports and connect an LTE modem/router to one then it will act like a wired connection from the MX point of view.



@johnnyngena yes, you should be fine.

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