16.4 firmware being scheduled

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

16.4 firmware being scheduled

We just had 16.4 scheduled for three of our networks that are still on 15.42 as we do opt in to beta upgrades.  Odd thing was that our primary data center MX250s were selected as one of the first to be upgraded along with a couple of small single MXs (64 and Z3).


Seems like an odd selection when we have Z3,64,65,67,84 and pairs of 84,100,250.


Has anyone else had anything scheduled and if so how does it compare to what we saw?

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I saw it get scheduled on a number of networks last night with everything from a Z3 to an MX250. If you have opted in for Beta software, this is it. Me personally, I'm going to let it mature a while longer, however I am testing it on a Z3C for the Anyconnect VPN functionality, which has worked great so far.

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