Licensing questions


Licensing questions

This has probably been covered somewhere, but I haven't been able to find an answer to my question.  


I have an MR12, which is older and I was looking into getting a newer AP.  In trying to keep my costs down I turned to some used equipment.  Before purchasing any used equipment I wanted to check to see what I would have to do.  


My current license shows that it is valid to May 2019.  Though I purchased a 3 year for the AP in 2015, but I have gotten a switch and MX64 since then and added those licenses into my account.  


So if I remove the current MR12 from my account, do I still have the 1 AP license on my account?  Can I then attach a used MR32 or MR33 to my account if they removed it from their account?   Do I need to get a new license?   


Am I making this too complicated?  


Thank you. 


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This should work if they unclaimed the device in their dashboard.
It's the same for you, if you unclaim the device the license will still be in your dashboard.


Nifty.  Thanks for the reply.  


Will the warranty still cover the used device if something goes wrong with the new to me device?  

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Unfortunately, device warranties are non-transferable. Your device would be supported, but not eligible for an RMA. More details in the KB linked below

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