VPP Users Disappeared!

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VPP Users Disappeared!

Our organization is still using legacy and is looking at different solutions, in doing so, we needed to refresh our VPP token and we went from 300+ VPP users for devices down to 39. The others are not showing up as retired, they aren't showing up anywhere, they've literally disappeared into the ether. Is there a way to get these back? The only thing that had changed was updating the VPP token, but we have done that in other years with no issues. Very concerned as we now have lost connections with devices and are worried about those apps being removed from the devices.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Apple sometimes comes up with new terms and you have to go into Apple Business Manager and accept them before things work properly again.

I would say you are on the money @PhilipDAth  new terms were released last week, users were emailed about this. 

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