Push iOS 14.8 update instead of iOS 15 upgrade?

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Push iOS 14.8 update instead of iOS 15 upgrade?

We have some iPads running iOS 14.7.1 that I would like to update to iOS 14.8. When I open the OS Updates settings for those devices I only see iOS 15.0 listed there. When I go to Settings -> General -> Software Update using one of those iPads I see the option to either install the iOS 14.8 update or upgrade to iOS 15.0. We'd rather keep all of our student iPads on iOS 14.8 for the remainder of the fall semester but we'd like them to have the security fixes included in the iOS 14.8 update.


Is there a way to use the dashboard to push the iOS 14.8 update now that iOS 15.0 has been released? If not, is this a option for the dashboard that is being worked on? And if we have devices that had iOS 14.8 pushed to them before iOS 15.0 was released but haven't been turned on since the push, will they get iOS 14.8 or will they get iOS 15.0 when they are turned on? (They still show iOS 14.8 in the OS Update settings.)

Kind of a big deal

@McDreimiller There is no way around this, Apple always push devives to the latest iOS version. 


This isn't a Meraki problem its just the way Apple does things. 


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