Meraki Umbrella Setting API Postman

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Meraki Umbrella Setting API Postman

hello community,


i have a question.

I need to activate a Cisco Umbrella Key in an organization with 200 locations.
In the dashboard you do this under Network-wide-> General and there at the bottom Cisco Umbrella account.


Can I also enter the key via API with Postman? I'm sorry but I did not find anything.


If it goes under what point in API Collection is it described? I have the current API Collection 0.11.0


Thank you.



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Looking at there seems to be no API endpoint for this

Yes, I also looked there. Unfortunately I don't find anything there either.

Kind of a big deal

This would be a great endpoint to add, and not one that I think I've heard of. "Add Umbrella to 234252 networks" is going to be a common use-case.


@DexterLaBora Hey friend, whatcha think?

On the plan for v1, coming this summer. 

Same problem here, no API integration. Lots of network to apply the key/secret. Does it has to be done manually?


API - v1.8.0

Hi DexterLaBora,


do you see any chance of having an endpoint for this soon?



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