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Happy New Year! What are your Networking Resolutions?

Community Manager



Photo Credit: @Mr_IT_GuyPhoto Credit: @Mr_IT_Guy

Firmware updates, port security, rewiring that rat’s nest in the network closet — it’s a new year and we all have projects we’ve been meaning to tackle. Will 2018 be the year we get them checked off our list?


Let us know your top New Year’s Network Resolutions in our second Community Challenge, and you just might win some Meraki-branded gear. Your fellow community members will vote for the winning entries, so be creative and make your entry stand out!


How to enter

Tell us your Network Resolutions in a comment on this blog post before 11:59pm PST on Wednesday (January 10). Creativity is encouraged! Add photos or videos, tell a funny story, etc  anything to set your entry apart. (Update 11:59pm PST Jan 10: Submissions are now closed; please vote by giving kudos to your favorite entries!)


How to win

Once submissions close, voting begins, and lasts until 10am PST on Tuesday, January 16 (UPDATE: Voting is now closed! See the announcement of the winners).


We will be selecting 2 winners:


  1. The Community Favorite — chosen by you, our Community members. Cast your vote by giving kudos ( kudos-icon.png) to your favorite entries. The entry with the most kudos from community members who aren't Meraki employees will win!

  2. The Meraki Favorite — the entry with the most kudos from Meraki employees will win the Meraki Favorite prize. Feel free to solicit your contacts at Meraki to vote for you. 😉

Good Luck! 🎉  🎇  🎆  🌟




The Fine Print

  • Limit one entry per community member per Community Challenge contest.
  • Submission period: Monday, January 8, 2018 at 6am PST through Wednesday, January 10, 2018 at 11:59pm PST
  • Voting period: Thursday, January 11 at 12am PST through Tuesday, January 16 at 10am PST
  • Prize will be a grab bag of Meraki swag with value not exceeding USD50.00
  • Complete rules and eligibility can be found here.
Here to help

Two big(-ish) jobs for a part-time technician in a rather small school:


- Set up an Elasticsearch / Logstash / Kibana server to feed with all of the syslog information from the Meraki MX, MR and MS units here as well as events of interest from the Event Logs of our Windows endpoints. ALL THE LOGGING


- As part of this, make a big push to move all our services off a single PowerEdge T110 running 2008r2 onto a couple of rack mount servers so that I can run more services in VMs (including the above logserver), and also get everything onto Windows 10/Server 2016.


Bonus: Try to grab me a Meraki Certification, and maybe a Google Apps Administration one too.


My 2018 New Years resolution is to complete my migration from a rat's nest to a masterpiece. Migrating away from old, unsupported Cisco switches that were integrated into this Frankenstein of a Network. New MX Firewalls have been installed at all 3 sites and have all three connected together.  Have already spun up new Meraki Wireless as well. Next step is to have more insight into traffic flow, implement traffic shaping, and then finally implement Systems Manager for more control of BYOD. Loving what I have already!file1.jpeg




New here

My goal for 2018 is to buy more Meraki. Out with the old and in with the new!

MR52 WAPS - Purchased in 2017

2018 - Switches


A model citizen

Oh, we have some goals...


  • Clean up server rooms (this should be EVERYONE's goal)
  • Continue upgrading our infrastructure to 10gb (currently 1 property is 100% SMF, 10gb between all switches)
  • Figure out a way to get rid of the phone in hotel rooms
  • Find the magic combination of words that will let non VAR Meraki accounts become Meraki Masters
  • Visit the 500 Terry building again to see the new museum

And some of our personal shame items...


This has actually been cleaned up once...This has actually been cleaned up once...So has this...So has this...Fiber came loose out of the Chinese finger trap right at the last 3 inches of conduit! Got it out eventually.Fiber came loose out of the Chinese finger trap right at the last 3 inches of conduit! Got it out eventually.Needs some TLCNeeds some TLCTravel more! Seat 2A from Puerto Plata, DR to Toronto, CN. Rocking the Meraki green!Travel more! Seat 2A from Puerto Plata, DR to Toronto, CN. Rocking the Meraki green!Spend more time relaxing. Can't be server room cleanups 24/7!Spend more time relaxing. Can't be server room cleanups 24/7!

Comes here often


Travel, travel and more travel. i guess we might include the kids for some of it.

Grow the beard longer than it is now.



SD-WAN with Meraki - no more MPLS 🙂

Here to help

Find a way to leverage the Meraki API's to download and compare configurations as well as to upload/write changes to current Meraki device configurations.


New here

  This is my Meraki DMARC.This is my Meraki DMARC.

My uplink is USB modem to T-Mobile and its performance is not too bad!  I'm streaming video on my iPad and Apple TV, using my laptop and phone, and using all kinds of little wireless doodads to monitor my environment with my smart thermostat, mini/dot voice-activated devices, and phone app(s).  

This is in the trailer (and my lab), where I live and where I can use SD-WAN features to monitor and control my environment and give me remote access to systems inside.  I hope to use Meraki capabilities (including a load-balancing regime across two mobile uplinks and perhaps a VPN) to make this a totally controlled remote environment wherever I go.

For 2018 I hope to develop a means by which I can control and monitor Meraki devices at scale and help businesses develop smart tools to manage their network devices, with Meraki as the core for access and distribution.  I only lack a camera or two to complete my remote management suite so I can monitor the area around my trailer to make sure no one is tampering with my lab.  With POE and insulated wiring I can probably do that without the Meraki camera, but I sure would like to get one!  

I'm compiling a wish list:

1. Camera(s)

2. Second Meraki FW to establish full-time VPN tunnel to the lab, with mobile uplink.

3. Second Meraki AP to provide remotely manageable wireless environment on the opposite end.

4. Several examples of how to use the API to handle Merakis at scale and provide real-time configuration adjustment to meet the conditions of low bandwidth, poor signal/performance, unreliable connections in far-flung, remote areas.

Meanwhile, I'll pursue my other passion: helping to manage a very complex, multi-site, IoT infrastructure for a company with its own challenges of far-flung, remote areas (but with a larger budget than mine!).  I'm really looking forward to 2018!

I hope to be finishing my CCNP certification and snagging a Network Programmability cert.


I hope that Meraki VOIP will be available to implement in Australia and New Zealand in 2018.

New here

This year i hope to get this Babies shipped back to Meraki Manufacture, get replacements, that way i will  work our nine-sites from my farm,"better yield in 2018 i expect.   IMG_1552[1].JPG

Getting noticed

We are going to utilize the API’s more effectively. One of our goals is to use the API to pull current uplink info from all of our retail locations and dynamically update our AWS security rules based on real time information from our firewalls

Comes here often

- Eliminate the long network cables behind the server rack

- Master the Cisco Spark & Meraki solutions being rolled out

- Get more CISCO certs

- Make my supervisor happy !


I have two new year's resolutions related to Cisco Meraki:

  1. Make proof-of-concept and tests on a wireless network in a hospitality environment with the integration of Bluetooth/beacons for the location of resources, and providing information to people with an app.
  2. Start my own blog about network engineering and Cisco Meraki in particular. The blog is online since a few days, now I need to add more content, certainly in relation to point 1 of this list.

Happy new year everyone!



In 2018, one of the challenges of the IT team is to adapt the network infrastructures to the strategic goals of the organization. With more mobility and many applications that are hosted in the cloud, IT managers are under pressure because they need safer, more agile and more efficient networks.


We all felt uneasy when the door of a technical room is open because obviously it looks more like a "plate of pasta" than the result of a structured thought.

Yes, current LANs are probably unsuitable because they have been imagined they are many years for other uses. They are often vulnerable because it’s difficult updating their "firmware", they keep often some vulnerabilities. The level of security is probably lower than on WLAN access.


The first resolution is better to understand the current uses of LANs (wired) with better visibility especially at application levels (L7). Applications have migrated to the cloud; probably the uses of workstations also evolve.

Workstations (tablet, surface, MacBook, ...) allow mobility which will imply the implementation of a WLAN and reduce wired access for workstations.


An MR with multi-gigabit access switch could reduce the cost (cabling and access equipment).

An MS350-24X switch can collect it in Multi Gigabit up to 8 MR 53 (802.11 AC Wave 2) which will reduce the number of cables at the technical premises that increase the bandwidth with 10 GbE links to the core of the network. Indeed, it's easy in 2018 to imagine that a 48-port L2 switch is cleverly replaced with only one powerful MR (802.11ac wave2). This immediately reduces the clutter in the technical rooms.


Imagine the transformation in a building if the access to the network is mainly carried out through the MR53.


Communication evolves, it is possible to give up an IP phone set on his desk in favor of a Bluetooth headset and an application like Sparks on a "Surface", it reduces the dependence "wired" to the benefit of more mobility.


The second resolution is to increase the security level when accessing workstations (802.1X / ISE for example). This will also allow the dynamic allocation of VLAN is facilitate the trivialization of access "copper" that can persist. It also provides the same level of security for "wired" and "Wi-Fi" access.

Finally, with a Dashboard, it is possible to have a wide visibility and to launch remote tests, traces, with to the tools available on the MS, MR and MX. It's better understand the uses of the users for constantly adapting the infrastructure to the needs and facilitated everyone's mission.

A resolution is also through remote work to decrease the presence in offices and on the roads. We can devote at least a day of work a week at home with a Z3.


For the few cables that will remain, there is a MV camera could check that the installed cables keep the right length, the right color and that all the closet (with the opened door) stay pleasant to Watch!

Comes here often

My resolution is to reduce the outbreak of bears in the data center by 30% this year. Meraki is like bear repellent and makes my life easier.My resolution is to reduce the outbreak of bears in the data center by 30% this year. Meraki is like bear repellent and makes my life easier.My resolution is to reduce the outbreak of bears in the data center by 30% this year. Meraki is like bear repellent and makes my life easier.

New here

In 2018,, stand up for the network!!!   Smiley LOL


Also chain wide Meraki rollout this year!



Comes here often

This year I will making the world a better place one (Meraki) rack at a time!

Before1Before1After1After1Cousin ITCousin ITCousin IT with a hair cutCousin IT with a hair cutFresh Meraki/Cisco rackFresh Meraki/Cisco rackLow budget clean up with new Meraki SwitchesLow budget clean up with new Meraki Switches


I have two resolutions when it comes to Meraki:


1. Get more familiar with the Meraki product line, more then just the MX.

2. Get a job dealing with Meraki exclusively. Such a great line of products.

Here to help

Ahh, from the city of sin.... The sin? I will tell you my "inherited sins". I was brought into this company as the Network Manager to "clean things up" in March of 2017. What in the hell did I get myself into?

We have 9 locations worldwide. All connected via VPN back to Vegas. Here is the sin.... All of them in a single broadcast domain!!!!! ALL OF THEM DEFAULT VLAN 1!!!!!!! Are you fricken kidding me!!!

Current setup in most locations, Sonicwall (I hate SW with a passion) on the edge as the gateway and serving DHCP for the respective location on top of old EOL/EOS access switches. Anything from old cats, 4500s, 300 series Cisco SB and dell switches and a rats’ nest of cables like most of you have already posted. This is a multi-million dollar corporation running on garbage.


Rip it all out!!! I have already received the equipment for 4 of our properties.  With just myself and one brave solder it’s all the time and budget I will have for this year.

Consisting of MX firewalls, Nexus 9Ks, MS225 access layer switch’s and of course MR33 APs.

Ill report back at the end of the year. Next year in 2019… 4 more properties.


Network 2018.jpg


I work in the world of Virtual Reality. Meraki has made that my reality. It's absolutely amazing. This year my goals (resolutions), is to expand from 8 countries over 4 continents 17 sites worldwide too well world domination. Our goal is to have 50+ sites by the end of the year. Of course, with expanding and growing there are always new and better ways to be more efficient and make growing pains as painless as possible. Since discovering the Community, my knowledge and the questions that I've been asking both internal and external have grown exponentially. 
In a nutshell this year I plan on being more involved with the Community and become knowledgeable enough for people of the Community to seek me out and want to learn how to make their systems and solutions better.

New here

Peep the MX up topPeep the MX up topWhen your Sys Admin leaves the company after 6 years, the old PBX guy didn't bother to terminate all pairs(who even does that), drives on the Hyper-V are failing and you're supposed to replace the batteries in the UPS, this is the least of your worries.... Peep the MX just sitting on top of the rack