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New Year, new MOTMs!

Community Manager

It's a new year, and that means it's Members of the Month (MOTM) shout-out time.


December 2017 Meraki Community Members of the Month



123 kudos



41 kudos



32 kudos



22 kudos


Both @PhilipDAth and @Mr_IT_Guy have a perfect four-month-in-a-row MOTM record! Thank you to both of you for your continued contributions; the community wouldn’t be the same without you.


We welcome @WANKiller and @MRCUR back to the MOTM club; congrats, you two!


We have some great swag this month; hope you like it.


As always, thank you to EVERYONE who has contributed to the community. Happy New Year!



Terms, conditions, & eligibility info for the Member of the Month prize

A model citizen

@CarolineS Thanks for your continued work on the community! We appreciate everything you do.


Congrats to all the winners as well! You guys are all-stars, especially you @PhilipDAth.


Finally, thanks to all of our forum members you aren't mentioned. Without you all, the community wouldn't be were it is today.

Kind of a big deal

Stop it @Mr_IT_Guy.  I might ever start to think I am useful.

Head in the Cloud

Thanks, @CarolineS for the shout out and all the things that you do on the back end. It's great to be apart of a new thriving community which will only get bigger in 2018 🙂


 Congrats to all the winners !

Kind of a big deal

Congrats to you all!

Kind of a big deal

I got back to the office today to have a nice Meraki travel pillow waiting for me.  Thanks for the swag!  This would be great to use if I got nominated for Meraki Masters since it is a very long flight from New Zealand ...



Kind of a big deal

Congrats guys.


Awesome! Congrats!