Announcing the winners of the Community Challenge!

Community Manager

Drum roll... we have some winners in the Networking Resolutions Community Challenge!


Meraki Favorite


With 21 kudos from Meraki employees, @MichelRueger's resolution to create a Meraki-API-powered cat door wins the Meraki Favorite prize. Congrats, Michel! Stay tuned for a PM for me about your prize — and we hope to hear an update about the cat door soon. Complete with a video, perhaps?


Image credit: @MichelRuegerImage credit: @MichelRueger 

Community Favorite


With 11 kudos from community members who aren't Meraki employees, @PhilipDAth's resolutions win the Community Favorite prize! Philip summarized his entry as:


In short, I want to use my influence to internally restructure Meraki to make it a better company when dealing with its customers - and write tools to help Meraki network administrators.

Congrats, Philip! MORE swag will be flying across the Pacific towards New Zealand soon.


Thank you to everyone who entered this month's Community Challenge, and to everyone who voted! Let us know how you are doing in fulfilling your Networking Resolutions on this thread — and stay tuned for next month's challenge.

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