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Happy New Year! What are your Networking Resolutions?

Community Manager



Photo Credit: @Mr_IT_GuyPhoto Credit: @Mr_IT_Guy

Firmware updates, port security, rewiring that rat’s nest in the network closet — it’s a new year and we all have projects we’ve been meaning to tackle. Will 2018 be the year we get them checked off our list?


Let us know your top New Year’s Network Resolutions in our second Community Challenge, and you just might win some Meraki-branded gear. Your fellow community members will vote for the winning entries, so be creative and make your entry stand out!


How to enter

Tell us your Network Resolutions in a comment on this blog post before 11:59pm PST on Wednesday (January 10). Creativity is encouraged! Add photos or videos, tell a funny story, etc  anything to set your entry apart. (Update 11:59pm PST Jan 10: Submissions are now closed; please vote by giving kudos to your favorite entries!)


How to win

Once submissions close, voting begins, and lasts until 10am PST on Tuesday, January 16 (UPDATE: Voting is now closed! See the announcement of the winners).


We will be selecting 2 winners:


  1. The Community Favorite — chosen by you, our Community members. Cast your vote by giving kudos ( kudos-icon.png) to your favorite entries. The entry with the most kudos from community members who aren't Meraki employees will win!

  2. The Meraki Favorite — the entry with the most kudos from Meraki employees will win the Meraki Favorite prize. Feel free to solicit your contacts at Meraki to vote for you. 😉

Good Luck! 🎉  🎇  🎆  🌟




The Fine Print

  • Limit one entry per community member per Community Challenge contest.
  • Submission period: Monday, January 8, 2018 at 6am PST through Wednesday, January 10, 2018 at 11:59pm PST
  • Voting period: Thursday, January 11 at 12am PST through Tuesday, January 16 at 10am PST
  • Prize will be a grab bag of Meraki swag with value not exceeding USD50.00
  • Complete rules and eligibility can be found here.
Here to help

- automate diverting the on-call phone number to a Nigerian lottery scam whenever its my turn

- start charging for favours in bitcoin

- block Oleg on LinkedIn.


Here to help

I feel like my 2018 goals just keep growing by the day!


Where to begin..... ah yes I can't forget my trusty side kicks Fox & Hound to help me find the two end of a wire or port. As I take on this fateful quest of sleighing the Medusa of instability and horrible foresighted network. I will admit though that I am planning on enlisting outside help in this quest, so that it's as perilous to a minimum, and having a brand new full Meraki stake drop shipped to my many different locations. While I wait for the C-level "gods" to bless my quest I sit and plan the trek of configuration hoping to implore my dearest friend VLAN to aid in the configuration of this trek. So that as I can got to each stopping point and sleigh the Medusa's head that is waiting for me.

The Main Medusa !The Main Medusa ! 

Here to help
Automate - Using RestAPI Automate most reputation tasks in to other tools, like spark. So we can do mobile network management from anywhere.

- Heal relationships within my family.

- Finally get the rest of the servers off 2008.

- Evaluate AMP for Meraki when the full version finally comes out this year (per Cisco Rep) !!!


I am so excited about this new year and what our relationship with Meraki brings to our company that I want to share our future projects that Meraki plays a big part in


In a conversation with Meraki yesterday; learned that we can now perform firmware upgrades on individual switches.


What this means:

  • LACP issue @ PDC can be addressed by only updating MS-225 switches
  • BDC “software panic” switch can have firmware updated"


Comes here often

* Convince my boss to buy a MX and a couple of MS so we can replace the old HPE and ASA hardware with Meraki Full Stack.

* Sell even more Meraki Full Stack solutions to our customers.

* Clean up the server room with patch cables that have a proper length instead of them being about five meters too long!

New here

- Use Meraki as a standard platform for our MS customers to increase profit by decreasing the amount of on site management needed

- Get CMNA certified! 

Building a reputation

Hi All,


My Goal for 2018 ist to better understand the API from Meraki. and to do this i want to Automate the CAT Door so only the cat living there can enter the door.

Have a look at my Meraki CAT Door Solution witch all Material is already there it just need to be done 🙂


Meraky Cat Door.png


who has a cat and finds this fun? please send me a lot of kudos 🙂 I will post all the code necessary on the community if i am finish.


Update from the Community Manager
Here's the code for the finished cat door. Thanks for posting that, Michel!


New here

look for the blue cable....look for the blue cable....

I'm sure glad my Meraki 💭 controller is not in this mesh of a mess.... ;O)

Just browsing

My goals this year are MSCA Server 2016 (because I have to) by Sept and then start preparing for CCNA.


I'd also love to be invited to one of the Meraki Masters events/training but I can't make it a goal since that's up to you guys and not me. 🙂

Here to help

I hate New Year resolutions, they are so easy to break.

I end up feeling defeated, and lose the time I take.

It seems only natural to enter the contest to win,

but I know that greed Is horrible, and such a deadly sin.

But a chance to get Meraki swag is such a rare delight,

that I will try my darned'est to win with all my might.

We have two servers, at least it seems to me;

that need retired as they're running on '03

and no need to mention the four robust PC

That continue to run despite being on XP.

The next objective that I have is to make a change you see,

to our wiring closets and increase redundancy.

I will run fiber from our core switch layer three,

and connect to all switches that there be.

I'll program them fro aggregate and make them oh so fast.

It will increase the robustness we hadn't in the past.

Now that's my resolution, from right here where I sit.

We'll see if I can win some swag, as if I give a care.

New here

New Year's resolution is to become more "lazy"

-Have self-healing alerts using Meraki devices

-Automate anything that takes more than 30 minutes of my time.

-Replace the word "cloud" with "Blockchain" in all our marketing materials.


Convert from ASA 5505 Sec Plus with multiple site to site tunnels and a number of hosted services behind it to MX85 while having zero outage in next 12 days.  Site to sites are not Meraki so that is not the easy part, zero outage is possible with two circuits running WAN 1 & WAN2 which is an easier part, and two clients are already booking travel for me this month so doing the rule sets remotely is the easiest part.

New here

- Extend single-sign-on with okta solution, get rid of multiple passwords and enable two-factor authentication without need for costly rsa tokens.

New here

Mine are simple.


My New Year's Goal is:

Clean up cables in the Closets

Verify labels/label patch panels

Work on CompTia certs

Oh, and make sure the network never goes down!

Just browsing

Meraki + TRON Rack = 2018 FTW!

Brushed aluminum Meraki devices sure are beautiful, but adding rainbow LEDs that dance to TRON theme....well...not sure how you could improve on that product!


My New Years Goal, 


- Get my CCNA (almost ready to take the CCENT)

- Upgrade our internal hodgepodge infrastructure to full stack Meraki

- Get my wife through her last semester of Nursing School. 

New here

Collect every Meraki certification I can!

Get all our clients onto Merakis.

Finally finish my CCNA. 

Label all the things!

Run for president so I can settle the Net Neutrality issue.




Here to help

I would like to get rid of all the old MR24's and MR26's left in my environment and have them all be MR42's.


I inherited a very, old messy network about 2 years ago.

I've since adding new Meraki switching, new firewalls, and new Meraki APs


This year, I'm putting wireless into our cold storage warehouse - should be fun