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Happy New Year! What are your Networking Resolutions?

Community Manager



Photo Credit: @Mr_IT_GuyPhoto Credit: @Mr_IT_Guy

Firmware updates, port security, rewiring that rat’s nest in the network closet — it’s a new year and we all have projects we’ve been meaning to tackle. Will 2018 be the year we get them checked off our list?


Let us know your top New Year’s Network Resolutions in our second Community Challenge, and you just might win some Meraki-branded gear. Your fellow community members will vote for the winning entries, so be creative and make your entry stand out!


How to enter

Tell us your Network Resolutions in a comment on this blog post before 11:59pm PST on Wednesday (January 10). Creativity is encouraged! Add photos or videos, tell a funny story, etc  anything to set your entry apart. (Update 11:59pm PST Jan 10: Submissions are now closed; please vote by giving kudos to your favorite entries!)


How to win

Once submissions close, voting begins, and lasts until 10am PST on Tuesday, January 16 (UPDATE: Voting is now closed! See the announcement of the winners).


We will be selecting 2 winners:


  1. The Community Favorite — chosen by you, our Community members. Cast your vote by giving kudos ( kudos-icon.png) to your favorite entries. The entry with the most kudos from community members who aren't Meraki employees will win!

  2. The Meraki Favorite — the entry with the most kudos from Meraki employees will win the Meraki Favorite prize. Feel free to solicit your contacts at Meraki to vote for you. 😉

Good Luck! 🎉  🎇  🎆  🌟




The Fine Print

  • Limit one entry per community member per Community Challenge contest.
  • Submission period: Monday, January 8, 2018 at 6am PST through Wednesday, January 10, 2018 at 11:59pm PST
  • Voting period: Thursday, January 11 at 12am PST through Tuesday, January 16 at 10am PST
  • Prize will be a grab bag of Meraki swag with value not exceeding USD50.00
  • Complete rules and eligibility can be found here.
Comes here often

Work Todo's - 2018

  Virtualize Physical Servers

  Clean up Network Closet at one branch

  Segment the user and Server Vlan's

  Implement new storage

  Install SRM

  Develop and test DR fail-over


Personal Todo's

  Hang out more with Jake (my beagle) and take for walks

  Super JakeSuper Jake

  Get my Vmware VCP-DCV Certification (Studying for, already have my foundations test taken)

  Work on windows 2016 Server certification

  Work on Security Certification

  Continue to Exercise and Lose weight


Getting noticed

We started a hosted VOIP rollout that was supposed to move rather quickly. So quickly, in fact, that we determined the rack housing the current equipment could be better used elsewhere.

Now our "phone system" just sits on the floor like a sad toddler:





Now we are waiting for approval to purchase the new equipment, which somehow slipped through. We can't change names on the phones and you can no longer dial into voicemail from outside. Not to mention the system thinks it is currently April 29, 2010.

The resolution is to move on to something from THIS century, as the voicemail server is running NT 4.

And having the correct date isn't currently on the feature list of our proposed solution, but we might add it!


The Meraki side is much easier, just finish swapping out APs when we can and hope that we can upgrade to some MS Swtiches to go along with our MX devices at all locations. Maybe getting a little further along with the Azure vMX would be nice too.

Comes here often

SO Where is the MS-425 again? and attach what Virtual Appliance?

Just another day in paradise. Smiley Very Happy




Rickr Where is my Keys?Where is my Keys?

New here

Last year I committed to creating a Meraki failover to USB 4G system at my sites around the globe, including

US, Brazil, India, China, Japan, Germany, and The Netherlands.

I must complete this in 2018.

It was far from easy but I have been successful at implementation at 3 sites in the US and one site in The Netherlands.

Since the Meraki-listed compatible modems are ALL virtually no longer available in any country, and the model upgrade to a listed modem is not compatible, I have had to purchase USB 4G modems from where ever I could find them for the US sites.

Germany, Brazil, India, China, and Japan have none of the listed modems available either.

I have a Meraki MX64 deployed in all these countries but I need Meraki to give me an updated list with currently available USB Modems that are compatible.

I have run across many other Meraki customers experiencing the same.

Please shout it out and support us!




Just browsing

1.  Wait until the Powerball gets big.

2.  Win the Powerball

3.  Let work problems become someone elses problems.

4.  Take naps and play golf.

New here

I want to complete network segmentation so that all equipment is on dedicated vlans, and users cannot see each other, only network services.

New here

-Automate anything that takes more than 30 minutes of my time.
-Label, label and more label
-Upgrade the servers
-Upgrade the Phone system

New here

We upgraded the network stacks for our two US offices in 2017, Now it is time to update our old antiquated network infrastructure in the New Zealand offices. We are moving form an old 100 MB throughput router to a Cisco Meraki MX device and changing out the entire network switching that is a mismatch array of 5 different systems with MS 325 switches and covering the entire floor with WiFi APs from MEraki as well. This will help our corporate IT in the US to be able to help manage the infrastructure remotely. Only down side is it takes away a reason to travel to beautiful NZ.

New here

My Server Room!....Don't these belong in the "closet"My Server Room!....Don't these belong in the "closet"

Oh...No room at the "Inn"... This is truly a "closet". There is Meraki equipment someplace in there!Oh...No room at the "Inn"... This is truly a "closet". There is Meraki equipment someplace in there! 

All I want is everything in one place, with it's own AC, not a fan, with everything in a rack and tidy.  Is that too much to ask???  Oh well, life is still pretty good.... 

Just browsing

My New Year's resolution is simply to remember to write 2017 instead of 2016. Dammit, I already got it wrong.  2018!!!!!!

Kind of a big deal

This year I will be continuing on our 10Gb rollout by purchasing the following equipment


5 x MS225-48FP

5 x MS225-24P

2 x MS225-24

1 x MS220-8P

2 x MS220-8


There may also be another MX unit added to the list. The rest of my budget is going towards hardware rollovers and more network monitoring software such as PRTG. Oh and server upgrades! we are moving our servers to almost entirely SSD.


Comes here often

- get a Cert or 2 completed

- Refresh older PC's

- Upgrade campus backbone

- Streamline and clean up 

- Hire an Assistant

New here

At only 53 and a very unexpected heart attack during a conference call in October, my resolutions have changed from years past:

1)  Take care of myself and learn not to stress about will be there tomorrow. 

2)  Get up and move out of in front of the computer 15 mins every couple of hours!

3)  Take care of my family

4)  God before work

5)  Work ethically and hard but learn to say no when it is to much.

6)  Make time for more certifications and training!  CMNA done now on to the next~ 


To sum it all up:


Comes here often

Catching them squirrels next year!Catching them squirrels next year!

New here

My goals for 2018 are the same as every previous year;


  •  reduce errors on whatever I'm doing
  •  try to not piss anyone off
  •  not use the expression "That's good enough"


New here

My goal for 2018 is to get all sites 34 of them to have Meraki gear, cameras and switches. So easy to configure and manage.  cant wait for the change free to be over so that I can start.

Here to help

My 2018 goals are :

1. Don't let Network down for longer time.

2. Providing continuous WiFi access to clients using MR53.

3. Keep learning more and more about Meraki...

4. Fine tuning the existing Network...

5. Work ethically and hard but learn to say NO when it is to much.

New here

Simple POA for 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018:


3rd Building Completed (mostly)

Equipment Ordered prior to Grand Opening of 3rd Building

All 3rd Parties agreeing on Deploy Date

Fiber Upgrade Complete

Legacy Devices replaced

Cabling/Low-Voltage Completed

Server Closet(s) cleaned and redundant equipment removed

100ft patch cable connecting switches replaced with proper fiber uplink


Well, that's my jot list. The strikethrough items are of course the ones *not* completed the week before the GO of the new building.


Kind of a big deal

I have written a number of Javascript tools for Cisco Enterprise products.


I was thinking about writing a tool to build the configurations for StrongSwan for use in Amazon AWS and Azure to make it easier for people with small numbers of MX to connect them up.


I was also thinking about writing a tool that uses the API to backup as much of a config as possible, and then restore it.  The idea for this is to allow for an "offline" backup.  This would also make some change control processes easier.  At the moment the API is not expansive enough to make it a 100% backup.  I was also thinking about having it duplicate the networks and keep them in the cloud and manage the duplicates in a revision control style.



Oh yeah, I also want to get nominated for "Cisco Meraki Masters".


While at the HQ I want to meet Todd Nightingale, and I also want to meet the head of software development and the head of support.  I have concerns around the current internal structure and how support and software development interact, and I would like to help orchestrate a fix to this issue from the top down.


Of course, I would also like to become a "Meraki Master", being the biggest Meraki supporter in my part of the world.



So in short, I want to use my influence to internally restructure Meraki to make it a better company when dealing with its customers - and write tools to help Meraki network administrators.

New here

My New Year's Resolutions/ Goals are:

1. Be more mindful including daily meditation and 15 mins of yoga (at home) - 

2. Not to get so worried/ stressed about the things I can't control -

3. Sell more Cisco products - Meraki switches and firewalls to my VOIP customers- at work this is goal number 1  

4. Buy a house!!

5. Spend more time away from a computer/ phone screen when im not working.

6. Tutor more children in art. Currently have 2 students would like 4.