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[CONTEST ENDED] Community Challenge: Security

Community Manager

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UPDATE: This contest has ended — thanks to everyone who participated! Our 3 shirt winners are @Spack@fragonzalez, and @Brian_Swanson. Congrats!   


In the spirit of our recent security webinar and product guide book, for this month’s Community Challenge we want to know: what’s top of mind for you right now in the realm of security? What areas will you likely be focusing your energy on the most in the coming months? Firewalls? Malware? Device management? Cameras to catch the neighbor lady who keeps stealing your door mat?



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With this challenge, we’re hoping to learn about what’s most important to you when it comes to security so that we can help you do that more effectively in the year ahead!


How to enter

In a comment on this post, describe your priorities in the area of security and be entered to win swag! Feel free to use video, diagrams, holograms, anagrams, etc. to help illustrate your response. Submit your thoughts on security in a comment on this blog post before 11 a.m. PST on Monday, November 18th (11/18/2019). We’ll then draw three at random to win a Meraki "I Cloud Manage" t-shirt (available in men's and women's sizes)! Your entries will be public and visible throughout the contest.




The fine print:

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For me the question of the implementation of different IoT devices, no matter of cameras or microprocessors and sensors, is in my focus. More and more IoT devices and small solutions are coming our way and all this different solutions needs to be integrated in a complex security concept. Basic conditions has to be defined concerning data handling and transferring. 


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We are primarily focusing on implementing layers of security from endpoints to across the network using Umbrella, Cisco AMP, Cisco FTDs, ISE, Stealthwatch, and email security with IronPort. I must say we are in a better posture than where we were a few years ago. We are always looking for ways to improve by adding more layers to make us less vulnerable. We perform routine phishing attempts, and educate our users the risks of clicking and opening any and every email they see hit their inbox. 

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Our biggest challenge is to be able to secure our public pcs. Security camera footage and retention policies that are reasonable.

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Integration of network detection and response (NDR) focusing on traffic behavior versus typical IDS/IPS solutions. Data exfiltration is another concern. But the biggest concern by far remains insider threats; aka Sys Admins Gone Wild - Server Room Edition.

My principle focus is on the solid development of an IRP which we can use for testing/training as often as possible (goal is monthly, acceptable will be quarterly).  I am looking to work with the team to come up with viable scenarios, run through a table top test while rotating the test lead for each iteration.  The goal is to test the plan, but really more importantly to get as many people confident and comfortable with incident response as possible.  We all know its coming at some point or another and the faster the response the better.  Just do it!  (Graphic from Microsoft)



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Securing the Enterprise


A zero-trust approach to securing all access across your applications & environment, from any user, device & location.


How risk is different today:Captura de Pantalla 2019-11-12 a la(s) 19.09.41.png


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Our security is more focused on end users. Mostly on what they do and think they do ... So end user training is going to be big. Other than that preventing attacks from outside the company too. Mostly it's what am glad AMP does. ... If they click on a link that goes to a malicious file or server, they get blocked and you get the notification!


We are also focused on end user training (like TMRoberts above) good luck to everyone!!!

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Loved the demonstration of the new features of the MV Cameras. It was incredible to see what they can do, as standard. They will drive forward physical security to a new level, whilst remaining affordable.


Right now my main project is implementing Wired 802.1x. The meraki console makes it super easy to enable 802.1x polices on the switch ports as well as define new policies.  The console includes the ability to talk to back to your on prem RADIUS server. All in all Meraki has made the project much easier to get the project completed on time!

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For me, it is coverage from firewalls through to end user training.  I sell a security suite that includes Meraki hardware, email scanning, endpoint protection, computer policy management, Meraki Systems Manager and end user security training.


One big advantage of the Meraki Dashboard is that since one signs in with their own credentials, you can see who made what changes.  Also, implementing PCI requirements to change passwords is simple with the Dashboard.  No more changing passwords manually on hardware scattered through the company.  Another big advantage of the Dashboard is that it is easy to push firmware updates out to devices.  And if you ever need to know what firmware a device is running, it is easy to find. It is in these simple ways, Meraki Dashboard helps with basic security.

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Integrating the Meraki MX devices with our Trustwave SIEM to offer an enhanced and differentiated managed service in the Oz market. Also, understanding and explaining the difference between Meraki MX Advanced Security license and Umbrella capabilities.

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Would love to wear that tshirt to work. Fingers Crossed.


My focus will be segmentation through MX L3 Firewall rules. Very excited for the firewall group functionality announced in the webinar. Nothing special with my implementation - I'll be rolling out outbound FW rules for each of our vlans with a deny all at the bottom followed by specific rules for what they need to access.

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would love the shirt!


Am currently doing some wireless pen testing using the hak5 pineapple. A lot of other brands AP's seem susceptible to death attacks. 


Love the way Meraki is constantly updated over the air.



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I want to challenge more products,
of course including camera and umbrella!

especially malware solutions.

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Hi Everyone,


our concern now a days are to improve security for our network, we are facing ranson attacks. so we are in initial phase and lot of work to do. i have my CCNA security exam next week. we plan to implement full range of cisco security firewall, switches according to our company need.






Device management security and compliance is and will always be a key factor in any healthy IT infrastructure, but most of all, we need to focus on educating and training our staff and users. 


I'm have focus on keeping the security "tight" and keeping the balance so end-users can do they job without complicating the workflow. 



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Thanks to Meraki and his Maleware Protection. I put Meraki into a youth project. With the Security Report, I was able to recognize which vulnerable sites my protégés were surfing and could initiate countermeasures.


My main security focus is education.  As a small company, I am finding the cost of security very high - so we have to balance the requirement for good security systems against the cost.  Its easy to say that there should be no limitations in budget to protect the company, but that simply isn't a viable option for an SME.  I think it is very important to keep educating users - as attack vectors change and phishing type attacks become more sophisticated.  Balance education (on attack types and of company policy) with good security systems that are within the company budget.  

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As a consultant its always important for me to step in to be the bigger person when it comes to security. Always when we are implementing things we think if this is secure, but its also important to think how secure does it need to be? if it effect the end-user ? 


we are always trying to improve, we try to fix problems without opening backroos.  its important to always think like a hacker, and think how the hacker will try to get into our systems. 


Most important thing for me and my company is

2 authentication

Systems always up-to-date

no backdoors, and if it dosent need to connect to the internett shut it off the internett.