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[CONTEST ENDED] Community Challenge: Security

Community Manager

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UPDATE: This contest has ended — thanks to everyone who participated! Our 3 shirt winners are @Spack@fragonzalez, and @Brian_Swanson. Congrats!   


In the spirit of our recent security webinar and product guide book, for this month’s Community Challenge we want to know: what’s top of mind for you right now in the realm of security? What areas will you likely be focusing your energy on the most in the coming months? Firewalls? Malware? Device management? Cameras to catch the neighbor lady who keeps stealing your door mat?



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With this challenge, we’re hoping to learn about what’s most important to you when it comes to security so that we can help you do that more effectively in the year ahead!


How to enter

In a comment on this post, describe your priorities in the area of security and be entered to win swag! Feel free to use video, diagrams, holograms, anagrams, etc. to help illustrate your response. Submit your thoughts on security in a comment on this blog post before 11 a.m. PST on Monday, November 18th (11/18/2019). We’ll then draw three at random to win a Meraki "I Cloud Manage" t-shirt (available in men's and women's sizes)! Your entries will be public and visible throughout the contest.




The fine print:

Kind of a big deal

We are right in the midst of planning a "white hack" of our network using an external provider. While I think we have everything covered I am no specialist when it comes to penetration testing. I know that phishing attacks are like shooting fish in a barrell as there will always be someone who takes the bait however I am looking forward to the results we get and to see where we can adjust our policy and procedures.


I am also completing my own security audit that looks at everything from firewalls to the physical security of our equipment i.e. cabinets and server rooms. 


At the end of the day I am tasked with keeping my network going 24/7 so I have to look at every angle in terms of security. On another exciting note my plan is to increase the number of MV smart cameras we have in 2020.

Kind of a big deal

Cameras are the what we want to concentrate on for this year. They have worked so well for us and keep improving as the time passes. We have also implemented card access for the server rooms and are still trying out different scenarios for the MV32's. 

Kind of a big deal

Integration is (and will still be) the magic word for me from a security perspective: especially Umbrella is perfectly complementing MR and MX.

I think our biggest concern from a security perspective is not people breaking in from the outside, but from our internal users either maliciously or ignorantly creating an attack vector from inside the company walls.
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Already using our MX, MR and Umbrella, we want to extend our dashboard usage with the cameras...MV.  Loved the demo and want to take security to the next level.

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Our focus right now is dealing with Phishing and Spear Phishing emails. the end user is always the weakest link...


MDM is the way to secure the clients. So we are selling all the Meraki hardware together with System Manager

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User knowledge and awareness, especially from phishing attacks from email and cold calls. We're focusing on training courses for all users to detect signs of possible phishing attempts from either of these use cases and forward to the internal security team without downloading items or clicking on anything in the email. This goes hand in hand with managing our secure email gateway and Umbrella to ensure we stay up to date with the best available features and policies for our company.

New here

we are focusing on dns/umbrella and Mitnick Social Engineering. Too many users blindly respond to email and phone calls and text.  Along with add new cameras to the mix



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Focusing on getting cameras into our line of products offered to have a robust plug and play physical security solution to advertise to our customers. As well as focusing on security as a whole from an organization standpoint - taking a step back and trying to figure out how we can best make sure our service offerings are as secure as possible in a data driven world where vulnerabilities in the technology housing this data can lead to huge losses (monetary, reputation, customer base etc.)

Installed a range of MV in our AKL office with good results, catching among other things minor carpark dings, theft of mag wheels from across the road, and someone taking a dump up our driveway. Demo of the new fisheye lens looked good.
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We'll be focusing on cameras in the new year, looking forward implenting the MV32 to monitor our immediate surroundings

Just browsing

In regard to security, does Meraki offer Network Access Control services? 

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I'm with Kevlar. Security is a journey, not a destination. We hire new people all the time. Even though most people have heard me drone on and on about how important it is not to click every link in every email, I still have a new person who has not heard it enough and clicks on that one link that alerts a hacker that immediately logs in and spams every one of his saved contacts. So I want a security appliance, separate from a firewall, to monitor what is going on in my network and look for things like SQL injection, like the guys from Marketing plugging in their xbone 5 and downloading some indi game that has malware on it. Or HR downloading lord knows what from the play store that comes with free malware at no extra cost! There are so many attack vectors now. Every switch needs to watch for and notify of attacks, the WAP's, cameras and firewalls need to be able to fire off an email if they feel like they are under attack, Cloud computing has so many benefits to offer, as long as it's available from wherever the IOT device is.

My main focus in the coming months in regards to security is mainly network access control. In terms of NAC, our team would like to utilize a form of 802.1x that incorporates SAML. Most of our users authenticate via SAML as opposed to any centralized server like AD. Ideally, we would find some way to do this. 


Getting noticed

Continued work towards better network segmentation and better internal firewall rules.


Our company recently launched a company-wide cybersecurity awareness training so being aware of what's out there is a very good starting point. Cybercriminals have discovered that people are often the weakest link in the security chain and so they are increasingly turning to social engineering techniques to trick people into unintentionally sharing confidential or private information. 

New here

With a growing number of people's identity being stolen I want to focus on creating a safer security environment to protect my information. Whether that be online, or with physical documents. 

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For my company, as we are experiencing the security topic trendings today, what is more important is the integration of the diversity of security solutions that impact the security ecosystem.

I think that AMP, IPS, content filtering and MDM are essential, and now with the incorporation of Umbrella the ecosystem in Meraki full stack is growing bolder.

The next step is to continue improving these features, so that more advancer characteristics keep coming and reinforcing the stack.

New here

Camera's is where I will be focusing my efforts this next year. I love the new features and the integration with my existing merakis!