MR33's and network templates

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MR33's and network templates

I am attempting to add MR33 WAPs to a network that is bound to a template. The Template does have Wireless  (SSIDS) configured. (NOT the internal wireless settings for a MXW) But I am unable to add the devices even after I have verified they are in inventory. I must be missing something incredibly simple here. No problem adding switches at all. 

I would think if all settings in template are correct adding the WAP devices to the individual network would be no different than any other addition. Someone please slap me and tell me what I am missing? 

Here to help

NVM, figured it out 🙂

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what was the issue NSM?


Might be worth adding it here incase someone else has the same problem further down the line 🙂


Glad you sorted it though 




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