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Block Applicationes en devices LAN

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Block Applicationes en devices LAN


how can I block applications to a specific computer that is on LAN, I thought the procedure was like the WiFi equipment where I select the equipment and I can put it the whitelist for example.

But in LAN equipment does not give me those options, is there any way to do it ???

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Re: Block Applicationes en devices LAN

You first create a group policy with the rules you need in Network Wide > Group Policies (the example here blocks P2P):

2019-02-11 17_41_49-Group policies configuration - Meraki Dashboard.png


Then open the client's details page and apply the group policy you just created to it. The dropdown menu will have the policy you just created in it (like the "Allow youtube" one below).


Apply group policy to clientApply group policy to clientAllow the dashboard some time to sync to the MX and then reconnect the client to the network to get the group policy to be applied to it.


Note: You need an MX appliance in your network for this. A switch on its own can't do this like the access points can.

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