Meraki Mobile Beta App - Historical Video Now Available!

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Meraki Mobile Beta App - Historical Video Now Available!

For those of you on the Meraki Mobile beta app, we've added the ability to view historical video. This was a much asked for feature, and we're happy to be able to deliver it. This new functionality should make it easier to check in on your MV cameras on the go!


Accessing historical video is pretty simple: just navigate to the camera you want to view video for, tap on the date/time below, and use the picker to select which video you want to watch. I've included a quick video below showing how it works. To switch back to live video, simply tap on the "Live" button. 



Interested in trying this out, but not on the beta app yet? Not a problem! Follow the instructions here to get set up. 

Kind of a big deal

I know this sounds NERDY!!! but I'm ecstatic about this. 😁  

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Like that

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Excellent, I tried this a few days ago and thought I must be doing something wrong as I couldn't access historical footage.  Made a note to read the documentation, but now I know why!  Thanks @Saralyn 🙂

Kind of a big deal

Awesome, this is going to be very handy as the whole reason for the app is to be able to manage while be mobile!


Nice work!
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Yes! More than once I had to tell the person I was with "sorry, but we can't go back on the mobile app. We need to make our way to a PC." Thank you Meraki MV Team.

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