does geo-ip firewall rules impact performance in meraki

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does geo-ip firewall rules impact performance in meraki

I would like to block over 70 countries and I am interested to know if this would impact the performance of the Firewalls. I have over 50 sites with a mix of MX64 to MX400 appliances.

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I can't say I really know for sure, but I doubt it would affect performance noticeably.


I would be more concerned about all the trouble tickets you might field from "broken" web pages. Go to Facebook or espn sometime and see how many requests and countries traffic starts flowing from and to with ads and trackers, but also things that make sites functional.  You may be surprised.



Kind of a big deal

I'd also believe that there won't be a noticable difference in performance. Never tried it though because from a security point of view, I'm seeing very little advantage. As @BrandonS already said, this normally leads to an increased count of troubleshooting tickets.

Thank you for the response. It puts my mind at rest.

Kind of a big deal

@VJavan : I am sure it will not impact the performance but you can open a support ticket to ask this.

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Kind of a big deal

Hi @VJavan , you should be fine.  With Geo blocking it’s one of things of where do you stop!  

By default we generally block the top rogue countries and I think that’s just down to the fact that we can.  Nothing to stop them using Tor or vpn services and hitting you from a more friendly nation though.

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