MX Group Policy BW Limit

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MX Group Policy BW Limit

I am setting up a GP that limits the amount of BW for devices in the GP. 


Does anyone know if each device in the GP gets the amount of BW specified? Or do all devices in the GP share the amount of BW? 




Limit 5Mbps up and Down. 


Does each client get 5Mbps or do all clients share 5Mbps? 



Kind of a big deal

Are you sure about that?  I don't have the data to argue extremely confidently, but I'm pretty sure that the way I've seen this work it was limiting the bandwidth for the entire group.  However, this may be because I applied the group policy at the VLAN level in the MX - not to an individual client/SSID.

Kind of a big deal

If you apply it at the VLAN level then it applies to all the traffic going through that VLAN.  So if there was 50 people on that VLAN they would share the 5Mb/s.  If you apply the group policy to each individual device then it is per device,

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