MX Dual WAN Flow Preference

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MX Dual WAN Flow Preference

Hello community,

I have a question, I just think, but I would like to know how to solve my problem properly.

I have an MX with two WAN connections. These are two different ISPs. A VoiceGW/Cisco ISR Router is also connected to the Port4 and company network to Port3.

A WAN1 connection is the main connection, where all traffic should flow. So port3.

All traffic from Port4 should flow over WAN2.

Where do you do it? Under Traffic Shapping Flow Preference?




Best Regards


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Yes, you need to match by IP address to say where to send it.  This may require you to create an extra VLAN so you have unique subnets to match on.

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