10 hours no resolution on client VPN

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10 hours no resolution on client VPN

Hey Community,


Running into an issue where MX84 won't allow client VPN to connect. This issue is not client side as it will not work with Macs or Windows 10, and we can connect to other Meraki MX firewalls on same computers that can't connect to this MX84.


Friday we replaced Fortigate with MX84's. When trying to connect to VPN the login screen doesn't even appear and we get error remote server not found. Meraki support's packet capture shows VPN tunnel completes phase 1 and completes phase 2 and then just drops.


Steps completed:

- Rebooted MXs

- Removed MXs from HA mode with virtual IP to stand alone

- Bypassed Edge switches

- Tested with WAN 1 (Lumen fiber), same issue

- Set WAN 2 (Cable modem) as primary WAN, same issue

- Upgraded Meraki firmware to latest beta version

- Power cycled WAN 1 and WAN 2 modems

- Worked with both WAN providers support, they confirmed they don't have ability to block anything and just handing off internet

- Confirmed traceroutes in and out of network show no other devices

- WAN providers confirmed ARP tables are correct

- Turned Client VPN on/off

- Changed from AD to local Meraki authentication


Running out of ideas and on hold for Meraki support again

Building a reputation

Performing factory reset now on both MX devices to see if that does anything

Building a reputation

If I change WAN 2 from Static IP to DHCP all of a sudden I can get client VPN to work. If I change it back to static IP, or use WAN 1, it fails. Not sure what is different about DHCP but that doesn't fix issue because we use IP whitelisting and need our static IP's to work.


So far on hold for Meraki support almost 1 hour and no answer... hopefully someone picks up soon 😞

@IT_Magician As well as being on hold maybe trying opening a support case using the dashboard and select the case as being high priority. 


Maybe try a different version of Firmware onthe MX as well?

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