Documentation Digest: Mar 17th - Apr 15th

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Documentation Digest: Mar 17th - Apr 15th

Hi Community,


Below are the most important changes to our documentation between March 17th and April 15th:


Troubleshooting Client VPN

Change: Added 2 new sections – “Determining the Cause of Connection Issues” and “Common Connection Issues”


MR Teleworker VPN

Change: General image and text update.


Meraki and Cisco Collaboration Teleworker Solution for Businesses

Change: New article


Introduction to Cellular Technology on Meraki

Change: Image update


Meraki Health

Change: "Meraki Client Health", adjusted names of pages and sections to reflect names in dashboard, rearranged sections to place Client pages before AP pages, minor wording adjustments for clarity, minor grammar and spelling adjustments.


Guidance for Cleaning/Decontaminating Cisco Meraki Hardware

Change: New article


Video Walls

Change: Added permissions, change log and persistent time stamp.


MS Warm Spare (VRRP) Overview

Change: Clarified wording around warm spare and OSPF compatibility.


Managing Multiple Networks with Configuration Templates

Change: Added details around using the re-bind tool to move a network between config templates.


Client VPN Load Sharing

Change: General text update.


External RTSP

Change: New article


MS DHCP Servers

Change: Added note stating DHCPv6 server cannot be blocked using MAC address.


Cameron Moody | Documentation Manager, Cisco Meraki
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