Windows 10 MDM integration


Windows 10 MDM integration

Dear group,

after successfully setting up the Azure AD integration, I struggle with connecting new Windows 10 clients to the MDM server. 

Here's what I do (worked well before I changed to Azure AD integration):

1. Navigate to Settings > Accounts > Access work or school on the desktop Windows device.
2. Click Enroll only in device management.
3. Enter an email address ( click Connect or Continue
4. In the Server box, enter
5. Enter this network ID: 123.123.123

(previously, now I had to enter the e-mail address and PW of an "owner" and the connection worked fine)

6. (now starts the failing part...) Message tells me to sign in with Azure Ad - click "Sign in"

7. Enter (AzureAD) Username

8. Enter AzureAD) PW

9. Now it loops back to "Enter your Network ID"

10. Enter Network ID: 123.123.123

11. Now the Enrollment screen shows up again telling me if have to install Meraki Systems Manager desktop agent ( even though it's already installed an running properly )

Any idea what might be the issue with that?

Regards, Flo

Kind of a big deal

Did you ever try the manual enrollment method by going to the link below? from the device?

As far as I can see, this way only installs the agent, right!? Setting up the agent and registering works fine. It's just the next step setting up the MDM server that does not work..

The steps you listed are actually for profile enrollment and not agent enrollment!


It is not required to enroll both ways for the device(s) to register with dashboard, however, you might need agent enrollment if you are trying to utilize specific functionality, such as pushing software or use remote desktop.


For a complete list, check out this knowledge base article: 

Systems Manager Agent and MDM Profile Enrollment


Hope that helps!

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