Version 1 of the Dashboard API Released

Meraki Alumni (Retired)

We are excited to announce the official release of Version 1 (V1) of the Dashboard API! 


Over the past 3+ years, the Dashboard API has proven to be an incredibly useful toolkit for network creation, management, and monitoring. It has saved countless hours and effort for thousands of developers and network admins, by allowing them to streamline and automate workflows and build custom applications for managing IT. 


To date, we’ve added over 400 endpoints to this API service - all under “Version 0” of the Dashboard API. As part of our “API First” development strategy (creating an API endpoint for every experience in the Meraki dashboard), Meraki is producing new endpoints at record velocity. To make sure we had the processes and standards in place to keep up with this scale, we led an initiative to revamp the versioning process for this API service. This was a massive team effort that required a lot of input from our developer community - thank you to all who helped us shape this process! 


We are now excited to release Version 1 (V1) of the Dashboard API, and with it, a new standard for future versioning and endpoint releases that promotes consistency, efficiency, and (as always!) simplicity of use. As part of the V1 release, we’re providing new frameworks, documentation, libraries, CI/CD, and tons of new operations with more to come. 


We are confident V1 will dramatically improve the developer experience and be a launching off point for implementation and usage of the Dashboard API for many Meraki users! 


For more information, check out the following resources:


New API documentation

  • Quickly learn about and test any API endpoint with the new interactive docs
  • Easily discover resources by product or use case


Meraki Python Library

  • A simple yet powerful way to program your Meraki network

Meraki Postman Collection

  • A graphical tool to interact with the new API. No coding required, just point and click your way to success

Meraki OpenAPI  Specification

  • New URL path and tag structure
  • Monthly non-breaking releases
  • 250+ changes


Finally, for a live (or on-demand) walk through, check out this upcoming webinar hosted by our friends at DevNet!