SM - Device enrollment type auto-tags

Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Auto-tags for Systems Manager devices based on their method of enrollment are now available in Dashboard. You can get a quick glance at the tag list by going to Systems Manager > Configure > Tags.





For those who might need a refresher, auto-tags are automatically applied tags based on device attributes, posture, or group membership from third-party identity services such as AD or Apple Business Manager. 


With enrollment type auto-tags, you are now able to make scoping decisions based on the enrollment type of your devices. For example, you might want to scope certain apps, policies, or settings only to Apple User Enrollment devices separately from their supervision enrollment devices.


These are the 8 currently supported enrollment types:

  • Android fully managed
  • Android work profile
  • Apple agent enrollment
  • Apple standard enrollment
  • Apple supervision enrollment
  • Apple user enrollment
  • Windows agent enrollment
  • Windows profile enrollment


These tags can be selected in the “Policy tags” selector anywhere it is supported in SM. Head over to our documentation to read more about using tags in Systems Manager