A New Dashboard Designed for Simplicity and Intelligence

Meraki is launching an all new dashboard experience focused on simplicity and intelligence. The new dashboard is cleaner in design, more intuitive to use, and makes it even easier to see what’s happening within networks. We’re doing this to help customers accomplish more in less time while also making it easier for them to stay on top of all aspects of their networks. 



Client List (1).png


Starting today, there will be easier navigation within the dashboard, as well as new switch and access point pages—with a new client page coming soon. The dashboard also features improved performance, including faster screen loads for the new pages and quicker refresh rates for up-to-the minute status information.


More than 40% of customers signed up for the beta program and have enjoyed this new version for the past few months. It’s a truly impressive number, and we thank everyone who helped us make the new dashboard what it is today. Customer feedback has always been important to us, and the new dashboard experience is a result of incorporating as much of that feedback as possible. Thank you!


More information can be found in our recent blog post.