Announcing New Feature - Policy Import

Cisco+ Secure Connect is a turnkey, unified Service Edge Secure Access (SASE) solution designed to deliver an exceptional user experience with minimal effort by securely connecting users, things, and applications seamlessly from anywhere. This solution converges cloud-delivered security (SSE) and networking (SD-WAN) on one powerful platform with a single dashboard, making management easy and providing greater visibility and control. There are many use cases that Cisco+ Secure Connect offers, but one of the key use cases is Remote Access. If you would like to learn more, please refer to the document here.


Traditionally, the organization has several hubs deployed as a headend where Remote users establish the connectivity through VPN client. Meraki MX provides this capability with two options: Client-VPN and Cisco Secure Client (aka AnyConnect) VPN. With Cisco+ Secure Connect, you can achieve the same with cloud hubs available in various regions. It provides benefits such as scale, flexibility and cloud-delivered security capabilities that does not limit the performance or impact the end user experience.


While transitioning to the cloud-based Remote Access solution, one of the key questions is, how can I make sure that all my current policies can be applied to the cloud-based solution? One way is to create them from scratch line by line. Or as Meraki says, we make things simple. Cisco+ Secure Connect is built on the fundamental principle of simplicity everywhere, interconnect everything. Hence, the other option is to instead use a newly developed tool - Policy Import.


Yes!! We are very excited to announce that the Policy Import feature is now available in all Cisco+ Secure Connect supported regions. It is specifically designed to simplify the admin experience, where IT can simply follow a few steps via a guided wizard to import all their Remote Access policies from MX SD-WAN to the Cisco+ Secure Connect Cloud Firewall. To learn more, please visit our documentation here.

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