Wireless: use createNetworkFloorplan API to upload maps of floors have Postman, any help appreciated

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Wireless: use createNetworkFloorplan API to upload maps of floors have Postman, any help appreciated

Totally new to trying to get this to work. I understand that if I want to make this recursive, I will need to work some Python magic. I am very interested in doing this as I have over 500 floors to upload (campus setting).


Goal- Upload floor plans to Meraki in bulk. Don't want to upload them one at a time. They are on my hard drive, how do I load them up to Meraki Cloud with API to automate the process? I have familiarized myself with Postman and have done simple tasks.

Mini Goal- upload one floor plan with API.

Trying to work with the API:

POST {{baseUrl}}/networks/:networkId/floorPlans


Here's my interpretation of what I need to do:

baseUrl = where am I going to post my floor plan to. My meraki customer location.

networks = part of the path in the cloud
network ID = one my campus IDs (we have 3)

floorPlans = location of where they are being posted

floorPlanId= looks like I need to create this? Hoping this would be assigned with API. I'm assuming I need to do something like the name of the floor plan "Education Building Smith Floor 1" with a next upload of "Education Building Smith Floor 2."


Questions based on my assumptions above:

1- If that's a post to Meraki, how do I call the material I want posted. Maybe a header or something? But I don't see that in the path provided. Is that something I add?

2- If I post this on a website with permissions- I don't see how to account for that right now either. Since Postman is local to my machine, I could pull from my computer to post but-
    a- Best to run a web server on my machine to work this out with Postman?
    b- What is the best practice here?

    c- Post them on a trusted Google drive to use that path to upload?


Thanks in advance for any help. I'm hoping to get schooled here and be smarter for it. 🙂
Best, Jamie


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With Postman you can generate the python code, and then you can cut an paste it in a Python script , add some loop around it, or read and XLS file and you are done.....


Sure... it takes some time to get familiar with all this.


Maybe post and example here what you do with postman so people can convert this in a small script which can be used by you.....



Edgar-VO, thanks for the reply. I've been working with the account reps. And we're thinking that because we have to place the image of the building over the map and work coordinates, all of which will be different- it may not buy us a whole lot to use the API over the GUI.


I like your comment about Postman... I can see how this could be powerful.


Since I don't think I am going to gain much with the maps, I am going to take a look at reporting. Currently we at large are still classic Cisco with Airwave to run reports that our CIO likes. I am going to take a gander at the reporting subject.


Again, thanks for the note- any other feedback you have is appreciated!

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