Issue With Device Update Endpoint

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Issue With Device Update Endpoint

Current Behavior:


Whenever a device is claimed, and a subsequent PUT request is made to `/devices` endpoint to update a device, the endpoint returns 404 for attempts up to several minutes after the device has been claimed, until is then able to actually update the device returning a 200. 


Expected Behavior:
Able to update a device info right after the device has been claimed into a network without many minutes delay.



This was attempted with the SDK, using the API directly and direct HTTP with curl/Insomnia/Postman etc.


Steps to reproduce:

1. Create an organization network

2. Claim device into network

3. Try to update the device name (for instance) through the update device endpoint.


Any insights on that behavior or if anyone else experienced it would be great.


Thank you



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This is really weird behaviour... We use scripts in python to create complete sites within 5 minutes... Including making network, claim and add device, add vlan, add wireless and switch, and modify all...


A complete site is done within 5 minutes (that includes automatic free IP range finder)


I am using the github meraki module... installed with pip3 install meraki



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