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dark mode for dashboard?

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dark mode for dashboard?

As the topic title indicates.... it would be very nice to have for media environments and events. also we test a lot of media hardware here and often I leave a dashboard page open to look at device status and we often have the lights off or dim for movies and blaring white is a little distracting. 


Amy ETA on this? I tried using Stylus browser extension and making a new style for it but no luck. 

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Re: dark mode for dashboard?

+1 from me on this, dark mode for those that prefer darker backgrounds!

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Re: dark mode for dashboard?

Sorry, everything Meraki must be green and eyeball roasting white, so it is, so it has been and so it will be. The ancient codes dictate that it must be this way, burn the heretic.

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Re: dark mode for dashboard?

Adding to my wishlist button now

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Re: dark mode for dashboard?

Hi @remixedcat,


I used to work very closely to a compliance team who insisted their screens were dimmed to the lowest and everyone always wondered what they were looking at.


So funny watching them scramble their windows closed when I remoted on silently from the windows session server to assist them with an IT ticket. Lesson...If you are trying to pretend like you are working, at least have a document open you can hot-key to 🙂


Thank you,
Peter James

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