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[CONTEST ENDED] Spend some WFH time here on the community, earn points and win prizes!

Community Manager



UPDATE: This contest has ended! See who our 80+ winners are here!


While working from home, as many of us are now, online connections to others can be even more valuable than usual. So, we want to infuse a bit of extra encouragement and fun here on the Meraki Community with our third-ever POINTS CONTEST! 


For the next four weeks (today through Friday, April 24th), you’ll earn points just for participating in community discussions. The more points you earn, the more chances you have to win some fantastic swag.


Details below!


How it works


Just like in our previous Points Contests, starting today, certain actions you take in the community will earn you points. Those points will enter you to win a smattering of Meraki-branded prizes. You needn’t opt in — simply taking one of these point-earning actions will do:


  • Reply to any topic or blog post — 5 points
  • Start a topic (e.g. ask a question, pose a discussion point) — 5 points


To optimize the bang for your buck, writing high-quality posts can earn you even more points:


  • Receive a kudo — 7 points
  • Write an answer that gets marked as a solution — 10 points


As you can see, the more helpful your action to the community, the more points you receive!


There are 3 tiers that you can reach based on the number of points you amass. Within each tier, at the end of the month, we’ll randomly select winners to receive swag as outlined below:


    • Tier 1 requires 30 points and will have 50 randomly selected winners who’ll receive a cloud stress reliever and an “I Cloud Manage” sticker

Cloud Stress RelieverCloud Stress Reliever .                    "I Cloud Manage" sticker"I Cloud Manage" sticker
  • Tier 2 requires 100 points and will have 25 randomly selected winners who’ll receive a cloud stress reliever, an “I Cloud Manage” sticker, and a custom Meraki Community mug

    Cloud Stress RelieverCloud Stress Reliever   "I Cloud Manage" sticker"I Cloud Manage" sticker      Meraki Community mugMeraki Community mug


  • Tier 3 requires 200 points and will have 10 randomly selected winners who’ll receive a cloud stress reliever, an “I Cloud Manage” sticker, a custom Meraki Community mug, AND a pair of the all-new custom Meraki Community socks

    Cloud Stress RelieverCloud Stress Reliever             "I Cloud Manage" sticker"I Cloud Manage" sticker             Meraki Community mugMeraki Community mug


    Meraki Community socks (feet not included)Meraki Community socks (feet not included).           Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 9.57.06 AM.png

AND, just like last round, everyone who earns enough points to achieve any tier will be entered to win the GRAND PRIZE of a brand new MV32 HW (with 5-year license)! Reaching Tier 1 gets you 1 entry, Tier 2 doubles your entries and… (guess what!?) Tier 3 triples your entries to win!

That means that, over the course of this month, you could write just 6 replies or author just 3 solutions anywhere in the community and be entered to win one of these:Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 3.49.47 PM.png



How will I know how I’m doing?

To keep you all up to date on your progress, every Monday I’ll post a list of everyone who has reached Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3.


When are the winners chosen?

On April 24th at 10 am PDT, the contest will end. We’ll then randomly select winners for each tier (50 for Tier 1, 25 for Tier 2, and 10 for Tier 3) and we’ll also draw the lucky winner of the GRAND PRIZE.


We’ll announce each of the winners here, so be sure to stay tuned!


More details:

  • Promotion period: Tuesday, March 24th, 2030 at 10am PDT through Friday April 24th, 2020 at 9:59am PDT
  • Up to three possible entries per community member: Each time you progress a tier, your entry remains in the tier below as well (meaning more chances to win stuff!). If you are randomly selected to win in two or three separate tiers, you’ll receive only the prize from the highest level tier. If you are selected to receive the Grand Prize, this will be in addition to any tier-level prizes.
  • Shipping limitations: We can only ship prizes to residents of these Eligible Countries 
  • Complete rules and eligibility can be found here
Comes here often

This is great adventure. 


But I keep wondering why Africa is always left out of all these contest and challenges. What about community members who are not members on the eligible countries, how will they be a part of all these goodies?


I think those of us from Africa countries need to be included.

Just browsing

That's awesome, I would like to get more into Meraki, it has real potential.


Also the socks are cool.


Took me a while to post.  I was busy washing my hands with lots of soap and water.  Who knew?


I'd love some of the cool Meraki swag.  Can NEVER have enough coffee cups, although a camera would be really nice too.

Comes here often

I love this idea!!!! Wasn't there a Meraki dog on here at some point?


Looking forward to some cool Meraki swag!

Kind of a big deal

Here, have some kudos y'all!






A model citizen

@SeanW ,

Unfortunately @Maui_Meraki_Dog is no longer with me. My wife ended up becoming severely allergic to him and we had to give him up. He's with a good family though! He has a new brother (another chihuahua) and his new owners have two little girls that absolutely adore him.

Here to help

Awesome idea @MeredithW and thanks for doing this.  I am really liking the looks of those socks and mugs.


Thank you all who gave me thumbs up. WFH comes with its own benefits. Just consider the time that we save on commute, gas, food though it makes a dent on the general economy. Together I am hopeful we will get through sooner if we act as a community. Excited to be in the contest.

Here to help

Here is an email that I have been using. I tweak it a little each time I send it out to fit the recipient.


Hello _____,


I trust that you are getting by with the “Safe at Home” order that Governor Evers (WI) has enacted due to CV-19! Regarding that order, I have a couple thoughts for you to consider. This does not need to be hard.

  • Make sure the home network is secure. The bare minimum will be to password-protect the router
  • Use company wide cybersecurity tools. We have several solutions
  • Encrypt sensitive files in transit and in storage, 440bt encryptions are what we offer. (Most of the free programs are only encrypted while in movement. Typically, 128bt Encryption which is easily crackable)
  • Stay informed on cybersecurity and social engineering, read up on different forms of social engineering and phishing so you know what to look for. Now more than ever, scammers will try to pose as your colleagues or managers to try to get you to give up sensitive company information.
  • Avoid public Wi-Fi, which is far more likely to have malicious actors connected to it or running it, as is the case with a hotspot
  • Make sure that your passwords are a minimum of 12 characters
  • Demos available…


Simple Network Consulting has a couple of secure solutions for working from home. It’s one thing to say that workers will work remotely, and access sensitive and confidential information via the internet. It’s another to be able to assure executive management that information is protected, and compliance mandates are met. Please let me know if you have any availability to connect in the coming weeks to discuss.





Excellent initiative!


Thanks for the invite and setting up. Could we have somethings like tips and guidelines also. 🙂

Just browsing

Excellent, let's bring this community to another level! 🤘

Here to help

I work from home, but the camera could be placed in kids room, so we can monitoring they behaviour 🙂 


Great idea to not only increase community participation, but also to help out those of us who might be feeling less connected to our teams or others.  Also, since I'm sure a lot of us are overwhelmed with user requests during this time of users working from home, it helps to talk among other like-minds and not only with troubled end-users.  😉

Community Manager

@Goodnight  - what kinds of tips and guidelines are you looking for? Related to the community or to Meraki products?



Getting noticed

So far work from home seems to be half again as busy as normal, with longer hours.  But this will make a nice break.  Thanks for putting it together!


Here to help

Thanks for Meraki for this contest, this what i wish, for the winner reward from what describe above, from kudos, from question what we ask, for suggestion for some question, that fair for me.



Comes here often

Awesome contest!!


New here

Cool mugs and socks


Whats the quickest way to bring 3g or 4g up ?