Operations Training on Meraki MS

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Operations Training on Meraki MS

We are going to roll out Meraki MS next month, and I would like to get additional training for members of my operations team on the platform, dashboard, and how to troubleshoot potential issues.


Do anyone have a recommendation on where to find such training? Is the ECSM1 and ECSM2 the only options? Are there any self-directed online training that my team can take?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@CallOne_PdM_JET  ECMS1 and ECMS2 are the only official training options. ECMS2 is very hard to get into at this stage.


The other option would be to see if there are any Meraki partners in your area that could offer some unofficial training. 

There's this for self-directed:






I said that partly to be funny, but also because the Meraki docs are really decent. There's two deployment guides in there, while short, provide a good overview. There's a ton of feature specific stuff in there as well that I certainly recommend that someone new to Meraki at least skims so they have an idea of what topics are covered. 

What you won't get from the Meraki documentation is in depth protocol knowledge, or core networking fundamentals. Most Meraki docs assume a CCNA level of knowledge. 

Also the youtube recordings of webinars often demo specific configurations. I always found those helpful too.

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