Template for only Group Policies

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Template for only Group Policies

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New to Meraki so be gentle. I'm would like to have a configuration template of sorts, that would only link the group policy configuration. I don't want it to modify the VLAN/Addressing configuration or really anything else. But i would like one place to change group policies, and have wherever it is assigned have it update everywhere. Make sense?

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Re: Template for only Group Policies

There isn't a way to template only group policies. You could look into using APIs or Systems Manager. 

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Re: Template for only Group Policies


I believe this may not possible.

Configuration Templates do have the feature however I do not see an option to choose what to apply and what not to apply. The networks binded to a Template shall inherit the complete configuration.


APIs can only display the List of Group Policies in an network.

I understand this job shall me done manually as of now.

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Re: Template for only Group Policies

The others are correct.


The best way to do dynamic group policy assignment is using RADIUS.


You use the FilterId attribute.


If this is for WiFi you ideally want to be using WPA2-Enterprise mode.

If this is wired you want to be using 802.1x.

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