Meraki MX68 reset on RJ45 connect

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Meraki MX68 reset on RJ45 connect

Hello all!

Every time I go to connect an RJ45 my Meraki MX68 cycles through a reset.  I've secured the power connection and the install location is over concrete so I don't think its static electricity related.  I also have a APC battery backup system in place.


The MX68 seems to be a very sensitive device and this is frustrating as it cause other issues with Wifi performance and client connections.


Any advice on how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated!

Kind of a big deal

This sounds like one for support. I'd give them a call and get them to take a look. 


You could maybe try a different firmware. What version are you on?

Thanks for the reply.  I've opened a case via email but will escalate to a call if needed (things are stable as long as I don't make changes).


This is the firmware:


Up to date
Current version: MX 14.40


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Does it matter what device you are plugging in via RJ45?


If it happens with all devices you probably have a faulty unit.

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