Internal Networking Problem

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Internal Networking Problem

Hey guys im new to the cisco community but have been working with Cisco equipment for a while. Not so much meraki equipment which is what im having trouble with currently. Im setting up a new MX84 to replace a dell sonicwall and im having some trouble with internal network addressing. I have two VLANs, a local LAN and a wireless LAN. When i connect the MX84, it gets outside to the WAN, connects to the cloud successfully and one of the VLANS (wireless) hands out IPs and connects but the other is the problem. My LAN Vlan (Vlan 1) i cannot get to talk anywhere. It cant see my domain controller and it will not hand out IPs at all. They are set up the exact same way just with different IP scheme obviously. Any ideas on why this might be happening? Thanks.

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Without looking at your full network setup, troubleshooting options are a little limited. I assume you have configured your VLANs in the Security Appliance > Addressing & VLANs section? Also, look below at the per port configuration.  You'll want to set your uplinks to the "Trunk" configuration, to carry all known VLANs.

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Please post your setup.

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Sounds like it's an issue with your VLAN/Trunking configuration. As per earlier comments, post a more technical view of your environment/Network diagram.


My assumptions by your post that you've not added the VLANs to your MX device or that the downlink from the MX to your internal LAN has not been setup as a Trunk with the two VLAN's allowed over it.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Is your MX connecting to a switch?  Have you configured it as a trunk port?  Is the switch port configured as a trunk port?  Have you created the VLANs on the switch?  Have you put the switch ports into the correct VLANs?

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