How many site-to-site vpn can be configured with Advanced Security licensing?


How many site-to-site vpn can be configured with Advanced Security licensing?

Hi all


I currently have an MX64 with advanced security licensing, however my question is, how many Site-to-Site VPNs can I create?.... 


I have also been looking for certain information, but nevertheless I have not been successful, if someone were kind enough to answer me the following question:


Inside the dashboard, in which section can I view logs of the policies created within the MX?... (such asa blocking of policy), as it can be for example: Within my access-lists of my NAT policy or content filtering, can you see logs of those denials?




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Kind of a big deal

The guide that @CptnCrnch provided should give you all the sizing information you need.


For logging you will get some events logged into the event log for the network, Network-wide -> Event log, and right at the top (next to the Event Log title) you can use the drop-down to select events for security appliances. This will give you a certain level of detail, such as content filtering blocks, IPS updates and events.


If you want more detail then you’ll need to set up a syslog server and configure the network to use that, Network-wide -> General then scroll down to reporting. When you configure the syslog server you can select what to send to it. I believe selecting Flows (but could be URLs, or Security Events) will provide a bit more detail as to which firewall rules are being hit in the Syslog messages, but you’ll also need to turn on logging on the firewall rules too - which only becomes an option once you’ve configured the Syslog server for the network.

tanks!! for the info

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Hi @Erick_bios_234 - as @CptnCrnch has pointed out - using the MX sizing guidelines as the number of VPN's is box dependant.

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