Group Policies configurations

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Group Policies configurations



I'm wondering on how a group policy will affect let's say bandwith for wireless users.


It is possible to configure a vlan (example 13) for wireless in Group policies



Is this first step going to limit lan acces at 4Mbps (not what is intended) 


Intended : limit Internet consumption


And does it needs also to apply that policy at MX level directly on the vlan




I'm looking to understand how it has/should be applied to correctly limit bandwith usage all the way from the MRs to the Internet.


Is only one of the 2 steps enough to make it work ? Or need both ?


Other ways to manage group policies behavior ?



Kind of a big deal

I'm not 100% sure but I believe group policies are applied as close as possible to the client.
So if you have AP's the AP's enforce the policy which means firewall, content filter, traffic shaping and vlan.
And if it's a wired client or you just don't have AP's the MX enforces it.

Kind of a big deal

If you apply a group policy to a client then it only affects that client.  If you specify a VLAN then that clients traffic will be bridged to that VLAN.  Any traffic from that client will be limited, no matter what its destination.


If you are bridging all your users to a VLAN then you could apply a group policy to the VLAN interface on the MX instead, and have it apply a per-user limit for all users going through it to the Internet.

Then WiFi access to the VLAN that the user is bridged to wont be affected - it will only be affected when it goes through the MX to the Internet.

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