Cisco 887va-K9 to MX64 - connection

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Cisco 887va-K9 to MX64 - connection

Hi All


Has anyone ever connected an MX to a ISP provided Cisco 887va-k9 integrated services router?


We want the MX to do all the work, and the 887 to just be a modem - can they be put into a passthrough mode so that the public IP address will appear on the Meraki MX?


Would it just be a case of connecting the MX to one of the LAN ports on the 887 and possible setting up PPPoE on the MX (username/pwd etc) or something else.


Many thanks

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

This is going to depend on your ISP.


If they use PPPoE, then yes you can bridge it through.

If they use PPPoA, then no you wont be able to bridge it through.

If they use a layer 2 service delivered over Ethernet and DHCP, then yes you can bridge it through (actually you would just plug this circuit directly into the MX).

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If you got a WAN router from your provider, you would need your own router to use 


WAN IP address (/30)

LAN IP address (not like It has a public IP).


If you don't want to use LAN subnet, you can just plug in MX internet interface to the customer interface of the WAN router.




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cheers for replies all,


We'll go with it and see what happens (issue is site/circuit is in France and we are in UK, so physically managing/setting it up is not straight forward).


ISP has already provided circuits for 2 other sites, only one of which is currently connected (that one uses a Cisco 888 and that one was just a matter of plugging the MX into one of the LAN ports).


Hopefully the 3rd site will be just a simple.


thanks 🙂

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