Can I match Google Traffic from MPLS to oversea?

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Can I match Google Traffic from MPLS to oversea?

Hi  Everyone


I have one internet and one MPLS, I tend use MX100, Then put internet and MPLS in the MX100, I have some needs 

Can I how to match Oversea traffic on the mpls link out. 

For example : I have access or facebook in china, I want match Google and Facebook traffic to MPLS, 

How do I configure it ?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I don't understand what you want to achieve.  What do you want to do with this matched traffic?


Are you want to block traffic based on the country it came from?



hi Phili

I have MPLS from China To USA, aslo have a internet,  

We cannot access google use internet in china,So I just want match Google traffic into mpls to USA, Then I can access, I want match some oversea traffic into MPLS, Then I can access google. But some china traffic

I want use internet go out.


Hope you know what i mean, Thanks A lot.

What you probably want is a squid proxy server in each country that uses the local Internet connection.  Then use a WPAD auto-proxy config file to direct browsers to either the local or remote proxy server based on the domain being accessed.

@PhilipDAth Sounds like he wants to use his MPLS connection to bypass the great firewall of China.
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