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Using Meraki MX in Barcalona

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Using Meraki MX in Barcalona

Hi there team,


I have a client in Barcelona (I am in the UK) who has a business DSL from Movistar with one of their cr!@£$$ routers which it appears that their fibre terminates on.


They are having problems with thsi router and would either like to by-pass it or replace it.


Is there anyone here that either knows what needs / can be done or can tell me that I am wasting my time and just put up with it !!!





Kind of a big deal

Re: Using Meraki MX in Barcalona

Hi Gary


You say business DSL. Do you mean ADSL or VDSL?  If so Meraki MX units do not support ADSL or VDSL connections. 


The reason I ask is you mentioned DSL but you have also mentioned fibre. 

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Getting noticed

Re: Using Meraki MX in Barcalona



Thanks - thats my point that the MX does not have a xDSL modem in it therefore in this case, where I have a vDSL fibre connection from Movistar I have to have a vDSL fibre modem ( see image) that I would like to replace with a bridge so that I can do the PPPoE authentication on the MX2bfdc49b-1073-4fe2-99b2-dae7e9236fd0.jpg