Welcome to the Feature Announcements feed!

Community Manager

We're excited to announce a new way to receive Feature Announcements, here in the community!


This feed represents a promise across our development teams to deliver a simple and complete feed of everything new, including major and minor features, UI updates, new products, firmware changes, API updates, and breaking changes, all in one place. This feed will feature all updates from January 1, 2020, forward.


In addition to finding a complete list of our features and launches, you will be able to filter using the Labels on the main page.


Finally, you can subscribe to updates via email, and you can even cater these subscriptions to updates matching the labels that matter most to you!


Additionally, we will continue to deliver updates in the 'New Features' section of the dashboard, so don't be too surprised if you see things pop up in both places.


We look forward to sharing more with everyone here!

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