Licensing - Meraki Per-Device Licensing Available

Per-device licensing is now generally available for all Organization Admins to opt-into through the licensing page on the dashboard. This new licensing model offers a variety of new features and enhanced flexibility for customers of all sizes:


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  • License Devices Individually: Assign a license to a specific device (MR, MS, MX, MV, MG) or a network (in the case of vMX and SM licenses) and maintain a shared expiration date or separate expiration dates across devices, networks, or organizations.


  • Partial Renewals: Enjoy the ability to renew all your devices or a subset of devices, as you prefer.


  • Move Licenses Between Orgs: Org Admins (Read/Write) on multiple organizations are able to move a license (or licenses & devices together) between those organizations without calling Meraki support. This functionality is available through the dashboard and APIs.


  • 90 Day License Activation Window: You will have up to 90 days to claim and assign your licenses before they activate - giving you more lead time to deploy Meraki products.


  • APIs: APIs are available to claim, assign and move licenses. This will allow a greater level of automation and the ability to integrate with other systems.


  • Individual Device Shutdowns: If a license expires on a device, Meraki will only shutdown that individual device or product (after the 30 grace period).


    This licensing model is especially useful for coordinating licensing across different sites or organizations when those sites (and associated devices) are budgeted or accounted for in different ways. It can also be beneficial to use when adding new hardware or expanding your Meraki infrastructure by allowing you to intuitively rationalize expiration dates for new and existing devices.

    For more information about the per-device licensing model and a better understanding of conversion from the co-termination model of licensing, please see this video, Overview documentation, or these FAQs on Meraki licensing.

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