The Next Generation of the Meraki Dashboard

As you may have noticed, we launched the Next Generation of the Meraki dashboard on June 13th. All organization admins have the ability to opt into the new look and feel and organization admins with 2 or more networks can opt into the brand new Organization Summary Page.


Included in this release are a: 


  • Magnetized Header, Footer, and Navigation 
  • Magnetized Switch List Page
  • Magnetized Access Points List Page
  • Brand New Landing Page
  • Brand new Early Access Program Page


The Early Access Program page, shown below, allows users to view new features and experiences, learn more, and opt in and out. It can be found by going to Organization then Early Access. This is how you can enable this new experience!




We really care about your feedback, and have launched a brand new way to collect feedback on this initiative. On the Switches and Access points page, as well as the Organization Summary page there is a tab on the right hand side of the screen that says “Beta Feedback” this can be used to provide feedback as shown below. 








The beta feedback tag can be found on the right side of the screen. 

Users will be prompted to provide either generic feedback, or specific feedback.

If specific feedback is selected, the user can then highlight the exact part of the page they wish to provide feedback on. 


By being able to get specific feedback we have already been able to implement changes like reducing font size and reducing some of the spacing!