MR29.1 Release Ready For Public Beta - Get Ready For More Meraki Innovations

Do you want to create some #Merakimagic with your Wi-Fi network?  We’ve got some really cool features coming out with our next firmware release - MR29.1 - ready now for public beta.


While this release offers a host of enhancements, the top features that I am most excited about include Wireless Personal Network (WPN), Band Steering & Client Balancing, as well as expanded IoT support.


Top Features:


  • Wireless Personal Network (WPN) - offering the ability to segment the wireless network on a per-user basis to provide a home-like personal network experience on a shared network (single VLAN).  This feature is particularly well suited for shared environments such as university dorms, hotels, senior homes, etc. 

Do you have a high-density environment in which users complain about performance issues?  MR29.1 adds both Band Steering and Client Balancing to optimize performance and improve the user experience.  


  • Band Steering  detects clients capable of 5GHz operation and steers them to that frequency, leaving the more crowded 2.4GHz band available for legacy clients; while Client Balancing uses information about the state of the network and wireless client probes to steer the client to the best available access point - improving download and upload performance while reducing loss and latency for mission-critical applications.  

This is a WIN-WIN for everyone! 


Are you wondering what do you do with that USB port on your MR57?  How about some IoT applications! One in particular is Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL):


  • MR29.1 offers Expanded IoT Support via USB port (6E APs only) for SoluM and Hanshow USB gateways.

Other features include enhancements to Mesh Networking and IPv6


If you need more information on how to manage your firmware upgrades, check out this article or the FAQs page on firmware.